Our Laboratory consist of

1. Internet facility on all the Computer

3. Fully Equipped lab

Educational Technology LAB:

Educational Technology is one area of study and practices concerned with all aspects of all organization of educational system and procedures where by resources are allotted to achieve specified and potentially replicable educational out comes- Unwin and Mc Alease
Our educational Technology Laboratory comprises of various equipment and techniques which enable the student teacher to acquaint with techniques of modification of behavior.


1. Over Head Projector

2. LCD

3. Computer

4. Still Camera

5. VCR

6. Television

7. Public Address System

8. Tape Recorder

9. Audio Cassettes

10. Micro Phones


Science Laboratory is an essential component of science education. No course in science can be considered as complete without including some practical work in it. Practical work done in the laboratory helps in developing practical and manipulative skill of all types. It also helps in consolidating basic knowledge of subject and for developing higher cognitive skills.

Our Science Laboratory consist of

• Models of human skeleton system, Heart, Ear, Eye

• Specimens

• Apparatus- Prism, Bar magnet, litmus paper, dissection box, microscope, lens, compass

• Chemicals and reagents for chemistry practical.

• Charts related to biology.


Psychology Lab is a place where special tools procedures and method are used to test the Intelligence Quotient, Emotional Quotient, Aptitude, Attitude, Reasoning ability, Creativity, Personality traits, data interpretation and quantitative ability of the students.
Special tools like Mirror drawing apparatus, Tachistescope fall type Apparatus, Human Maze. Apparatus- electrical, Thematic appreciation test , Draw-a –Man test, Koh’s Block Design test etc. are used to evaluate the candidate in the above mentioned areas and personal counseling after the evaluations helps the candidates to assess their performance and know their area of improvement.

Psychology Tests

1. Verbal Intelligence Test. (S.Jalota)

2. Non-Verbal Intelligence Test - Pass along test - Bhatia’s Test Battery - Ravens Progressive matrices test - Koh.s block Design test

3. Personality Test - Tat - Draw-A-Man test - HSPQ - 16 P.F. Questionnaire

4. Achievement motivation test & inventory.

5. Group Intelligence Test- Prayag Mehta.

6. Bhatia school adjustment Inventory

7. Mirror Drawing Apparatus

8. Human Maze Apparatus (Elective)

9. Finger Dexterity Apparatus

10. Tachistescope fall type with cards set.

11. Memory Drum.

12. Cognitive Style.


Our language Laboratory consist of

1. No of Head Phones-> 9

2. No. of Microphone-> 9

3. No. of Wireless Microphone-> 2

4. No. of Amplifier-> 2

5. No. of Student’s Cabin-> 8

6. No. of Lecture Cabin-> 1

7. No. of Microphones Mixer-> 1

8. No. of Table with electric Fitting-> 1