The college has an excellent library housed in a commodious hall. The library is equipped with a very large number of books on education in particular and general subjects too. The library has a very rich collection to reference books, encyclopedias on educational research. The members of faculty enjoy the privilege of buying any book/books on behalf of the college which they might deem fit for the college library. As such the library reading room provides excellent atmosphere to students to update their knowledge in various fields. The library is going to be computerized for improved functioning.


It has more than 8862 books covering textbook, general books and reference books from diverse areas i.e. Educational philosophy, psychology, School Management, Education Technology, Research Measurement, comparative Education, Guidance and Counselling and reference sections etc.

Its reading section is spacious enough to accommodate 50 students. Efforts are being made to develop e-library services through a well-qualified librarian who possesses a good grounding in computer science as well.

Its reference section is marked by encyclopedia, dictionaries of Education, language dictionaries, reports of various Education commission. The research dimension of the library is accentuated of the following specific features:


Every student should have to maintain silence when he/she is in the library.

Student should keep their belongings at the space provided (near the entrance)

Student are not allowed to take eatables and their mobiles phones in the library.

Shifting of chairs from one table to another is allowed but without noise.

Library books or magazine for reading purpose are allowed without library premises.

Library books issue/return timings are 9-30 a. m. to 3-25 p. m.

The books are not renewable ordinarily. The books may, however, be renewed if not demand, at the discretion of the librarian.

Book lost or damaged will be paid for or replaced to the satisfaction of the Librarian. Readers shall not write or, damage or mark any book, periodical, map or material belonging to the library.

No book will be issued without Identity card

Any injury to book is a serious offence. Unless a borrower points out the injury at the Time of borrowing the book, He/She shall be required to replace the book or pay its price.