(a) Sanctioned programmes in the institution:

Sr.NoCourseAnnual Intake
1B.Ed Course:4 Units
2E.T.T Course:1 Units

(b) Detail of Faculty and Staff:

(c) Name of Faculty Members who joined during the last quarter:

1Mrs. Anita:Asstt. Professor in Teaching of S.St.
2Mrs. Mamta Devi:Asstt. Professor in Teaching of S.St.

(d) Detail of Students admitted during the Current Session:

(e) Fee Structure:

B.Ed.Session 2015-17Tuition Fee Per Year: Rs. 19000/-
Funds Per Year: Rs. 21000/-
Total: Rs. 40000/-
E.T.T.Annual ChargesTuition Fee Per Year:Rs. 19000/-
Other Charges Per Year: Rs. 21000/-
Total Fee:Rs.40000/-

(f) Infrastructure facilities:

(g) Facilities added during the last quarter:

(1) Room cooler for Staff, Sports Materials and Library books.

(h) Detail of Books in the Library :